Edwin's Cellar

The Art & Craft of Matching Fine Wines with Food

by Edwin Guilliot


Welcome to Edwin’s Cellar. This book is for wine lovers who want to learn and appreciate the art of matching fine wines with appropriate foods. I believe that wine is made to accompany food, and that each enhances the other. I believe that wine is at its best when paired with suitable foods that help to bring out and enhance the finest qualities in each wine. As for food, I think of it this way: wine is the final spice added to the food in one’s mouth, giving it that extra jolt of flavor enhancement. This book is a guide to this process of quickly finding the right food match for a given wine.  

Do you want to match that special rare bottle of wine with a can't miss food dish? Do you enjoy cooking elaborate gourmet 3-star Michelin meals and have, or plan to stock your cellar with, the wines to properly accompany them? Or maybe you just enjoy having an everyday supermarket wine and want to serve it with the most compatible dishes for maximum enjoyment of these wines. The purpose of this book is to familiarize the reader with the different types of wines and the methodology used to match each of these wines with compatible foods


Each book contains health-conscious alternative versions of each recipe.

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About the Author

My name is Edwin Guilliot.

I am an avid wine lover and have been since my twenties. Over the years I had collected recipes to match the wines in my cellar and I needed a way to categorize and catalogue these recipes for ease of use. I wanted to be able to go to my cellar, pick out a wine that was mature and ready for prime time, and quickly match that wine to a recipe that was appropriate for that wine. 

It occurred to me that there might be other wine lovers out there who would appreciate the knowledge that I had accumulated over the years; wine lovers who want to get the absolute most out of every bottle of wine they drink. And, thus, the idea for this book was hatched.

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